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Oct 6, 2012 11:00pm PDT
on the floor. miss say the family's car, a 2011 sky blue subaru outback is also missing. it has an idaho license plate+4 number of 1 a 1 f 680. so far police have not made any arrests in this case and have not released any motive for the killing either. also, 22 people are facing charges after a violent protest in san francisco. this is cell phone video of police in riot gear near california and battery streets. police say a group of demonstrators marched in that area, vandalizing cars and businesses along the way. when police intervene, protesters reportedly threw flares and bags of paint and rocks at the officers. one officer was hit in the head but is expected to be okay. many of the protesters wore masks, and police say some were armed with hammers. the visitors were warned, traffic can be terrible but today, getting into san francisco really was not terrible at all. here's a life look at the toll plaza. traffic is flowing smoothly and it has been flowing smoothly all day as well. we have crews throughout the city and one in detroit, covering the oakland as. we want to begin with jam
Oct 7, 2012 11:00pm PDT
for the 2011 blue subaru outback with idaho plates. ko's children started we love >> can't not love her. >> nbc bay area news. >> family members are planning a vigil for susie tomorrow night outside of the home at 8:30. we love has nearly 50,000 visits already. >>> we 30 days until the election, president obama is in california this weekend. tonight in l.a. raising money at a few star-studded events. tomorrow he is headed to the bay area for a series of events including a concert at the bill graham civic auditorium. the event is already sold out. after the concert there is a reception dinner with tickets costing as much as $40,000 a couple. coming up in ten minutes we will have more from los angeles on the president's visit there tonight. >>> san francisco's big weekend is just about to officially be over and everything appears to have gone smoothly from the blue angels to the niners and giants, the fair and music festival. monty francis has a wrap up of what has been a busy but fun weekend for most people. hello, monty. >> thank you. good evening. more than 1 million vi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2